The Murray Theatre

The Three Musketeers, the comedy!

Sunday Matinee anyone? The comedy, Three Musketeers! Alexandre Dumas’ timeless classic, The Three Musketeers, comes to life in this new, fast-paced, action-packed adaptation written by Joe Winskye and Bianca Badia of Hat Trick Theatre. Three legendary swordsmen are joined by a would-be hero as they cross swords and match wits with Cardinal Richelieu and his

St Augustine

Historic St. Augustine, Florida

Are you a fan of history? I am! Then perhaps you should visit historic St. Augustine Florida! Taking a walk down the narrow cobblestone streets of St. Augustine can almost transport you back in time! Ghosts & Gravestones St. Augustine Frightseeing Tour anyone? Do you love old graveyards? Does the ghostly hold an attraction for you!  If

Gringos Cafe

Gringos Cafe, in Port Richey, Florida

Okay, you have to eat right? and, you don’t always feel like cooking.  So you decide you want to go out to eat.  So, where do you go? What are hungry for? I know, decisions, decisions, decision!  Well, let me help you out and tell you about one of our favorites. Gringos Cafe in Port

Trader Support Engineer

Trade Floor Support Engineer opportunities in NYC!

We pause our regular programming for this important update!  (aka, time to pay the bills!) NEW Trade Floor Support Engineer (Small Environments), Positions available. Job Description: Are you a desktop guru? Do you love the trading floor, and excel at staying cool and collected in this fast-paced and stressful environment? This is an opportunity to

Wild Sassa Food Trailer

Wild Sassa Food Trailer, Homosassa, Florida

Wild Sassa? Denise and I are, wanders.  We love to take drives to nowhere and just explore.  On our recent excursion to The Freezer with Denise’s mother, we decided to take the “scenic route” home.  We discovered a few things in Homosassa that I thought we could share with you.  The first, Wild Sassa Food Trailer! (The second,

My view from the beach, high and dry!

Water test, DryPro Waterproof Prosthetic Cover

Hey, Everybody! Today we took the jet ski out for the first time since my amputation!  And, I am happy to announce that it was made possible the DryPro Prosthetic waterproof cover! DryPro Waterproof Prosthetic Cover to the rescue! You probably wouldn’t know this unless you have a prosthetic leg, but if you get water in your