Barnum Park Bridgeport CT

P.T. Barnum, Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT

So, what do you do when it’s 19 degrees out? We go for a ride! (It is warmer in the car after all!)

We had a spare day or two before the wedding and so we decided to do a little exploring out of Ossining, NY and up the Connecticut coastline. Our first stop was in Bridgeport, where we found Seaside Park.

NEW, Junior DevOps Engineer

DevOps requires a mix of “soft” skills and technical skills. It requires collaborating with other people and teams in the organization to develop solutions to help the company move faster. This requires active listening to learn about needs in the organization and the ability to use a wide variety of tools to quickly develop and deploy solutions to satisfy those needs.

Is it a rest stop or a mall?

Growing up in NY, now living in Florida and having traveled on this great nation’s highways and byways, I know traveling for long distances usually means the inevitable stop at a rest area to relieve travel stress, stretch your legs and of course, use the restrooms.

Sometimes you fall down…

I would say that true success comes from falling down and getting back up. Learning why you fell, enables you to avoid the circumstance. Learning how to avoid the circumstance, enables you to avoid the repeat performance. Success in my humble opinion can be measured by the lessons you learned while you are on the ground and having the wisdom not to repeat the performance.